The HOA with students, Olympians and champions of Greece, sent from Kalamata a strong message for Sports and the Environment!

October 24, 2011

Over than six thousand students arrived in the central square of Kalamata and impressed with the massive arrival and helped the high value of participation of the 2nd National Program “Reforestation and Sports”, which organized by the Hellenic Olympic Academy under the auspices of the Institute for Youth Ministry and the Hellenic Olympic Committee.

The program is becoming more widespread, in practice and in consciousness of the thousands of male and female students across Greece. Various cities, municipalities and regions of the country have express their interesting  about the programs and the President of HOA Mr. Isidoros Kouvelos accept requests every day.

The young students are impressed by the program that is designed by Director of H.O.A Mrs. Ileana Klokoni which includes experiential approach of Olympic Sports, games of physical education such as and environmental education while planting seedlings.

Sport of Weightlifting participate in programs of the Academy and titled “Know your strength” while the Olympians Piros Dimas show to young children the beauty of the sport in action. Also basketball is more intimate under the guidance of Nasos Galakteros. Volleyball presented by athletes of Greek Volleyball Federation (E.O.PE.), George Spanos and Eleftheria Hatzinikou and gymnastics presented  by Olympic champion in Sydney Irini Aindili. Secrets of Wrestling taught children the world champion Basilis Kollaros while Erica Prezerakou coordinated the Academy physic game entitled “Faster, Higher, Stronger.”

Twelve agronomists-foresters-environmentalists under the supervision of Alderman John Adamopoulos taught the Environmental values to all students of primary education and also planting seedlings in the park of Nedon with children of secondary education. This effort also supported by the agronomist-environmentalist Mr. John Liontiri and George Panagopoulos, director of the Center environmental Education of Kalamatas.

Kalamata was the fourth station of this year’s program where Olympic champions, teachers and students of all levels sent by their participationstrongmessage in favor of sports and environmental protection celebrating the “World Car Free Day.”

The Tree of the City planted by students of special school of Kalamata by the help of Mayor Mr. Panagioti Nika. The Academy thanked the companies’ Nikos Vrioni “and” Brothers I.Lampou “from Kalamata which gave away free water and traditional pastels correspond to all attendees.

Pirross Dimas, Nassos Galakteros, Eleutheria Hatzinikou and Ileana Klokoni before the end of the  mission visit  the “Day Center” which hosts children and adolescents of Messinia suffering from autism, accompanied by the Member of the Board the Association of Parents and Friends of People with autism Costas Saravelaki.

The Fifth Station of the 2nd National program “Reforestation & Sports” is Athens is  Penteli on 10/11/11.




OCTOBER 24, 2011